Bandol w/ smoked tapenade coated Tenderloin ‘en croute’ (Jan 2012)

This was at our house…

Pre-pours: (w/ Cougar Gold, onion/shallot/sage tarts, smoked oysters and chips)
1. 2009 Meo-Camuzet Bourgogne Blanc ‘Clos St. Philbert’
2. 2004 Chidaine Montlouis
3. 2004 Tannahill Jack

Theme Tasting: Bandol w/ tapenade, smoked tenderloin, french lentils and mushroom/pepper ragout

A. 1999 Jean-Pierre Gausen Bandol (2/1)
Gamey, and gaining more intensity immediately, lots of red cherry and raspberry, gets more chocolatey…chocolate cherries, mineral and herbs, lovely and complex, a bit ripe but delicious.

B. 1995 Bastide Blanche Cuvee Fontaineau Bandol (1/2)
More smoke and olive initially, then some baked blackberries, Smells like Bandol! roasted cherries and pepperoni. muted celery, inidian spices esp cardamon, dusty herb salt. F-ing delicious!

C. 1993 Dom. Tempier La Tourtine Bandol (5/5)
Dark chocolate and juniper, getting more poopy, lots of tart herbs, almost bourbon in the nose, red cherry confection, almost luden’s cough drop cherry, getting more savory then sweet again

D. 2004 Chat. Pradeaux Bandol (4/4)
Lots of green herbs, seems like huge mourvedre tannins here, almost 100% cocoa notes, meaty but tastes like a young wine, ripe/raisin, improves as it leans out, blue fruits especially.
Guessed this was the Pradeaux.

E. 1999 Chat. La Rouviere Bandol (6/6)
Dense herbs and currants, southern rhone band-aidy,getting more and more herbal and green olive, cherry cola, sharp and bitey, also seems young.

F. 2000 Dom. Tempier La Tourtine Bandol (3/3)
Duck poop and cherries, minty herbs, lots of tarragon, menthol and bong water, gets more cocoa with food, showing some alcohol aka medicinal

Dessert: Caramel muscat poached pears Belle Helene with Truffled Blood Orange Caramel
1. 1997 Dom. Foreau Vouvray Moelleux (JJ)
2. 2002 Dom. Baumard Quarts de Chaume 375ml (DA)
3. 2000 Fattoria Montellori Vin Santo


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