Northern Rhone…Mixed (March 2009)

Theme Tasting: Mixed Northern Rhone

A. 1995 Thierry Allemand Cornas ‘Le Chaillot’ (1/1)
White pepper and orange pekoe tea, ashy smoke, pepperoni and kumquat jam, dusty raspberries, big tannins and smoked cooking herbs, kinda everything I want from up north. Delicious!!
Guessed: Hermitage

B. 1986 Gaillard Cote Rotie ‘Cote Blonde et Brune’ (5/5)
Thinking this is mildly corked, or at least dumbed down, lean mid-palate, lots of oranges and gunpowder tea, underripe raspberries, almost barolo-esque ashy notes

C. 2000 Thierry Allemand Cornas ‘Sans Soufre’ (2/2)
Blueberries and cigar tobacco, sweet pipe smoke, beautiful floral bouquet esp with violets, green olives, almost charred meat and basl notes, kinda delicious and wild.
Guessed: Cote Rotie

D. 1999 Jamet Cote Rotie (4/4)
Jasmin flowers, violets and freeze-dried blueberries, fruity pebbles with coffee, viognier lift to the palate
Guessed: Cote Rotie

E. 1989 Patrick Jasmin Cote Rotie (6/6)
brighter red fruit than others, orange peel with pith, really high toned acid almost kumquat tartness, tarts lean and thinner than the others, minerally though
Guessed: Hermitage

F. 1999 Jaboulet Aine Hermitage ‘La Chapelle’ (3/3) (mine)
Ash, leather, violets, more mushrooms and dirt, mint, rosemary, gardenias, older wine…seems like its the oldest here, lots of black olives and plums, not a huge fan of the nose but love the palate.


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