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Dinner at Crooked House Cafe…


House made Rillette
Country Pate
Oyster Leaves with Mignonette (amazing, they taste exactly like fresh oysters)
Escargots in Pernod and garlic wine

Veggie Paella with Ice lettuce and Chantrelles
Seafood Cassoulet
Lamb loin, wrapped in lamb sausage en croute
Veal skirt steak with béchamel and Chantrelles

Cheese plate

NV Michel Turgy Brut Reserve Selection
2009 Clos Cibonne Rose de Tibouren Speciale
1999 Nikolaihof Riesling Steiner Hund
1999 Dom. Chevillon Nuits St. George 1er Les Roncieres
2009 Dom. Chevillon Nuits St. George 1er Les Perrieres
1998 Grange de Peres Coteaux du Languedoc Rouge

2009 Evening Land Chardonnay Mad Hatter
2009 Evening Land Chardonnay La Source
2009 Evening Land Chardonnay White Queen
2009 Evening Land Pinot Noir La Source

Followed by whiskey at the Westside…


Recession pairings continued….what wine goes with ding dongs?

Ding-Dongs & Domaine de Blanes Maury

“For those chocolate fans, nothing quite like a ding-dong to hit the spot. But of course, there’s the age-old debate of what to drink with a delectable ding-dong…you might say Arnot-Roberts cabernet, or maybe a K vintners Boom Boom Syrah, but I suggest traveling to the base of the Pyrenees for this pairing.  Old vine Grenache, harvested so late it’s like having a Muse squeeze chocolate and raspberry in a glass in front of you.  I might even suggest dunking the ding-dong before your bite to get the full effect, but maybe one at a time is better to truly savor the splendor.” – dave rounds

Don’t worry, we won’t be serving ding dongs for dessert in our Comprehensive Wine 101 classes! 🙂 We’ll actually be serving homemade vanilla and orange liqueur pound cake drizzled with a fresh creme anglaise sprinkled with pistachio toffee crumbles on September 27th. What wine goes with that dessert? Come find out! (Or if you can’t come to class and you really want to know, just email me and we’ll tell you.)

Want to sign up or just get more info on our classes? Email Jenny at or call 503-740-7292.

Recession pairings continued – What wine goes with Mac N Cheese?


Kraft Mac n’ Cheese Elbows and Vodopevic Vitovska Now you might be tempted to go with something to match the amber gold hue that we all know and love from Kraft, and I say go for it. The bold piquant ‘cheddar flavor’ just screams a wine that can kick ass and take names, but where to find such a wine? Well look no further than the hills of Trieste. Vodopevic is a terrific choice, while it matches the color its flavor more than holds it own with the ‘cheddar’. The extended amphora maceration for the Vitovska certainly sets a stunning contrast to your creamy delicious sauce.

Extreme dual flavor Doritos and Radikon Oslavje What could be better than matching the maverick of chips with the maverick of the Collio? This could be tricky if you focus on either the cool ranch or the spicy nacho…do I go clean white or fruity red? This is the genius of Radikon, white wine treated like red wine with the texture of both and a flavor profile that’s utterly unique. Dare I say it’s so good you could leave the Doritos for another time…but then you’d miss out on the nachoy-ranchy awesomeness.

Top Ramen Pork Flavor and JJ Christoffel Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Kabinett Hans Leo is top of the heap just like top ramen, and with 40,000 packets in your cupboard it pretty much makes this German’s wine the way to go when seeking a pairing wine for the pork flavor goodness. Just enough sweetness to counterbalance the flavor packet, the terrific acid to cut through all those flavors, and the wealth of fruit to just make the ramen sing.

Coming up next week – Dessert – yay! Deep fried Twinkies, Popcorn and Ding Dongs!

Wine class wrap up and review

noodles3.jpgnoodles3.jpgWe just finished up our four class series – the last class was Saturday Feb. 9th. We had yet another wonderful group of people from all age groups and professions.
(If you’ve taken the class, give us a shout out in the comments annoodles1.jpgnoodles1.jpgd let us know how you liked it). Usually we serve 9 wines during each of the 4 classes, but Dave had so many wines he wanted to share with this group we served 10 at each class and 13 wines at the last class!

Class 3 and 4 focus on the details of food and wine pairing and we always serve 5 to 6 courses in each of the classes. Here’s a picture of one of the courses we served – spicy noodle salad with black and white sesame seeds in butter lettuce cups.

I love the cooking portion of the classes – it’s always a fun challenge. As we had 17 people in the class each receiving 5 courses, that’s 85 little plates we were serving! In future posts I’ll be listing the recipes and pics if I have them. Often I get so busy serving that I don’t take the time to take nice pictures of the dishes.