Corton Rouge (April 2008)

2002 Dom. Chablisienne Monte de Tonniere

Corton Rouge Tasting:
A. 1996 Prince Florent de Merode Corton-Renards (4/4)
Lighter, more bricked, kumquats, more coffee in mouth, slightly sweet, briney, light rosehips, tarragon later

B. 1988 Dom. Giroud Corton (2/1)
Cleaner and brighter, cherry nose, darker hued, some meatiness, bright orange orange and lemon peel in mouth, spicy herbs and cooking spices, lingering citrus acid

C. 2002 Price Florent de Merode Corton (5/6)
Highertoned red fruit, some alcohol, a little poo and a little pepperoni, more flabby in the mouth, grassy in nose, some sulfur meatiness in mouth, jarring acid

D. 1993 Beaux-Freres (3/5)
Back to more chocolate, brooding, brighter cherry in mouth, cocoa powder and some braesola meatiness, gains in orange and almost pineapple acid, green beans?

E. 2001 Chandon de Brailles Corton Les Bressandes (6/2)
Caramelized orange blossoms, beef stick and cherry cough drops, weird orange?, big acid but herby character, back to tarragon again

F. 1996 Bouchard Le Corton (1/3)
More galore of everything, esp cherries, indian spices, big tannins, most young tasting and tight now, really lingering acid, cinnamon hots, red leaf lettuce

1. 2004 Fourrier gevery-Chambertin1er Clos St. Jacques V.V.

2. 2004 Las Madres Syrah: pretty terrible, almost late harvest

1. 1992 J.J. Cristoffle-Prum Riesling Urziger Wurzgarten Auslese

2. 1999 Gunderloch Riesling Ruthenberg Auslese Goldkapsule

3. 1996 Disznoko Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos

4. 1977 Quarles Harris Vintage port


Chambolle-Musigny (Aug. 2008)

A. 2002 Barthod Les Chatelots (5/5)

B. 2002 Dom. Fournier 1er Les Gruenchers V.V. (4/4)

C. 2004 Mugnier Les Fuees (6/6)

D. 2002 Roumier 1er Les Cras (2/3)

E. 2002 St. Innocent White Rose (1/1)

F. 2000 Bertheau Bonnes Mares Grand Cru (3/2)

Alsace Riesling 1998 to 2004

Mixed Red Burgundy – Beach Trip

A. 1997 Potel Charmes-Chambertin (1/1)

B. 2002 Dom. Maume Gevery-Chambertin (4/4)

C. 1999 Comte-Armand Pommard Clos Epeneaux (3/2)

D. 2002 Mugneret Echezeaux (2/3)

E. 2002 Faiveley Latricieres-Chambertin (5/5)

1. 2008 Ventura Vina Caneiro

2. 1999 Leon Baarral AOC
Guess: obviously Bandol

1. 1999 Nespoli Recioto di Sangiovese de Emilia-Romania

Chablis – Mixed Vintages

A. 2001 Dauvissat Les Clos (3/4)

B. 1999 Raveneau Butteaux (6/5)

C. 1997 Dauvissat La Foret (2/1)

D. 2002 Raveneau Le Blanchot (5/3)

E. 2003 Dom. De la Roche Le Blanchot (1/2)

F. 2005 DeMoor Rosette (4/6)

Gruner Veltliner Smaragd or Equivalent

Grand Cru Burgundy at the Beach with Duck two ways (Beach trip 2011)

Pre-pour: Blanc de Blanc Champagne with Tune Poke Nachos
1. NV Jean Milan

2. 1996 A. Margaine Special Club

3. Michel Turgy Selection Grand Cru (15 years of blending)

4. 1998 Pierre Gimmonet Special Club

Grand Cru Burgundy Tasting:
A. 1996 Rapet Clos de la Roche (2/1)
Pretty, pretty red fruits, some leather and tea leaf, like the red fruit aspect to this, I find it beguiling, love that it is a contrast to everything else here, some dr pepper aspects?

B. 1998 Pierre Demoy Chambertin (1/2)
Think this is mine…, smells funky and a bit of graphite, big nose and lots of big tannins, lots of cocoa coffee and orange acid, ton of graphite a bit unyielding on the graphite-like tannins, huge acid underneath, turns a corner then becomes deep and dense and delicious

C. 1995 Faiveley Chambertin Clos du Beze (5/5)
Big citric acid over baked/dried raspberries and porchinis, drying tannins in the end, shows integrity but the tannins are just not giving up, chalky minerals and Xmas spices

D. 1996 Florent de Merode Corton-Renardes (4/4)
To me this is really floral and pretty, great acid over cocoa powder, good length on the end, seems middle of the road in the mix here, pretty smooth tannins comparatively

E. 1996 Dom. Rousseau Clos de Beze (3/3)
Truffles! Big mushrooms and some sweat, nutmeg and cinnamon, some asparagus, charred oak, sweat, green tea and wet leaves, gets more gym as it opens but still a powerful beast